Tallapoosa Informational Notes from March 14th Council Meeting

Mar 31, 2022 | Action Summary of City Council Meetings

  • Minutes and financials were approved.
  • Georgia Department of Community Affairs awarded the City of Tallapoosa Qualified Government status for completing and adopting our local comprehensive plan.

  • Guest Steve Bell made his recommendations for the City of Tallapoosa to consider putting alcohol on the ballot for voters at the November election. His recommendations were:
  1. Distilled spirits (liquor), sold by the drink to be served in restaurants and eating establishments inside the city limits of Tallapoosa, GA.
  2. Beer, wine, and distilled spirits (liquor) approval to be sold on Sundays after 12:30 pm in all stores and eating establishments that have a license to sell these products.
  3. License to open a micro-brewery or winery to manufacture and distribute beer or wine that is made on the premises.
  4. Open and operate with a license for retail package sales of distilled liquor. (i.e., a liquor store) inside the city limits of Tallapoosa.
  5. City Council to vote to change the ordinance for a business that has alcohol to a church from property line to property line to the front door to the front door.
  • Council made a motion and was approved to put items 1,2 and 4 on the November ballot pending recommendations from the city attorney.
  • A motion was approved to have a work session to discuss current ordinances with advice from the city attorney on how to proceed with items 3 and 5 was approved.
  • A motion was approved to reappoint two (2) members to the Housing Authority Board: Billy Earl Pike and Patricia Smith.
  • Motion to approve joining the Haralson County Chamber of Commerce. Membership is $525.00 per year.
  • A motion was approved on the purchase of a new scoreboard at a cost of $7,400.

  • City Manager Philip Eidson gave the city manager’s report.

– TE project at standstill.
– TSPLOST- early voting has ended. The election date is March 15th.
– Keep Haralson Beautiful will have two events soon: Free Landfill Day (May 7th) and Tire Recycling on April 23rd. The city is having a citywide cleanup piggybacking off the free landfill day on the 7th.
– Downtown Business Directory Signage is going forward; 20 have confirmed so far.
– Updates on various issues including drainage issues on Arbacoochee Road; ordinance on city property maintenance; and seminar for staff on sensitivity and harassment.

  • A motion was approved on a bid for clearing area in the cemetery.
  • A motion was made and approved to increase golf membership dues at Tally Mountain Golf Course. The new rates are golf memberships inside city limits $65; outside city limits $75. Unlimited memberships: 61 and over are $200 and under 61 are $220.

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