Tallapoosa Action Summary From June 10 Council Meeting

Jul 4, 2024 | Action Summary of City Council Meetings

The following is a summary of key action items taken by the Mayor and Council at the last City Council meeting. The meeting was held at City Hall at 25 East Alabama Street, Tallapoosa.

Attendance: Mayor Brett Jones; Dan Pope, Post #1; Jacqueline Roberts, Post #2; Mark Smith, Post #3; Jonathan James, Post #4; Bobby Parker, Post #5

City Council “Regular” Meeting – June 10, 2024

  • Minutes, financials, and checks over $300 approved.
  • Approved the rezoning request for Tax Map TA3, parcel #25, from RH-25 to RM at 401 Eastern Avenue.
  • Approved a motion to repeal the old former accidental water leak ordinance section 102-12.
  • Approved the new 48-month golf lease from Club Car for $3032 per month (50 golf carts). Also approved was the purchase of 12 used golf carts for the city at the cost of $36,850.00.
  • Approved the increase in sanitation rates beginning in September. GFL based the increase on the Consumer Price Index.
  • Approved closing City Hall on July 5th with city employees using a vacation day for their time off.
  • Approved the accounting department setting up ACH for payments to vendors because of the current postal service situation in Georgia.
  • Approved paying Lee Hulsey Construction ½ of the costs of the materials on site for the Sporri Building Project. ARPA funds are used to pay for this project.
  • Approved the motion to select Gooden’s Floor Covering to replace the golf course flooring. The bid was $48,371.00.
  • Approved the purchase of two used grill presses, a lathe, and a milling machine from the Johnson property for $5,000.
  • Approved the purchase of a bug sprayer at the cost of $14,000.

The next regularly scheduled meeting for the Mayor and Council is Monday,
July 8th, at 6:00 pm at City Hall at 25 E. Alabama St.

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