Tallapoosa Informational Notes From June 14th Council Meeting

Jun 25, 2021 | Council Meeting Informational Notes

Mayor Pro Tem Jacqueline Roberts called the meeting to order on Monday evening, June 14, 2021. Prayer was by Dan Pope.

  • Mayor Pro Tem Roberts welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  • Mayor Pro Tem Roberts introduced the first topic before the Council which was a Rezoning Application submitted by Ms. Betty B. Hare. City Planner Patrick Clarey gave the details of the rezoning request and staff recommendation regarding the request. Ms. Hare’s property is located at 1171 GA Hwy. 100 S. and is currently zoned R-50 (Single Family Residential). She has requested it be rezoned to C-1 (Commercial Interstate). The purpose of the request is to improve/upgrade authorized uses and land value. The goal is to sell the property and allow for a commercial use, which should increase the value of the land. The Tallapoosa Planning Commission met on Monday, 6/7/21, where they ruled to recommend the rezoning request by Ms. Hare be denied. Mayor Pro Tem Roberts opened the floor for public comment. The Applicant/Rezoning Requestor was allowed an opportunity to speak. Attorney Freddie Witcher spoke on behalf of Ms. Hare’s petition. He provided copies of a letter from Attorney Jack F. Witcher’s office with attachments dated June 10, 2021, copies of which were mailed to the Mayor Pro Tem and City Council. Mr. Witcher labeled this letter Exhibit A for the record. The letter outlined the position Ms. Hare’s legal representation has taken on that ruling by the Planning Commission. Mr. Witcher further stated that the property utilization is limited for residential uses. They feel the lay of the land is prohibitive to residential use. He stated that Ms. Hare plans to remain on the property until it is sold. Mr. Witcher stated that the property is suitable for commercial use and fits with the zoning of surrounding properties and further that the rezoning would fit with the Tallapoosa development plans. He stated the rezoning would not affect utilities or traffic. Mr. Witcher then stated that the concern some individuals have who are in opposition to the rezoning request about the use of this property by entities associated with the proposed landfill would be addressed by certain guarantees and stipulations within the legal documents prepared at the time the property is sold. These guarantees and stipulations would among other things stipulate that the property will not be sold to the owner/corporation attempting to install a landfill in Haralson County, nor will it be sold to anyone attempting to facilitate the landfill being approved to be located in Haralson County. Guest Charles Torrence asked for confirmation that the “stipulations” would transfer to the new owner of the property. Mr. Witcher confirmed that they would. Guest Steve Quarles asked for confirmation that the stipulation would be like easements and would transfer with ownership of the property. Mr. Witcher corrected the statement and said there are no easements but would be restrictions of use. Mr. Quarles then asked if it was known if other properties in the area have similar stipulations. Mr. Witcher replied that he did not know of other property restrictions. Mr. Witcher stated that the sale of this property had nothing to do with the landfill issue. Guest Ryan Farmer added that the proposed zoning would not be applicable for landfill use as Commercial Interstate. City Planner Patrick Clarey confirmed Mr. Farmer’s statement and added that property to be included with a landfill use would have to be zoned M-2 (Heavy Industrial).
  • The Council passed a Motion to reject the Zoning Board’s recommendation to deny the rezoning request of Ms. Betty B. Hare and to approve Ms. Hare’s rezoning request based on certain stipulations, limitations, and guarantees as provided by her attorney as to the future use of said property. This property cannot be used under the proposed zoning for a landfill.
  • Mayor Pro Tem Roberts stated that the Splost VI, T-Splost, and Golf Reports are available for anyone wishing to view or receive a copy.
  • Mayor Pro Tem Roberts thanked all the “Street Captains” for keeping the streets of Tallapoosa free of litter.
  • Mayor Pro Tem Roberts thanked all the city residents who are displaying an American Flag at their home and showing their support of Veterans by displaying a green outside light and their support of the police and first responders by having a blue outside light.
  • Mayor Pro Tem Roberts asked all residents to remember to roll their garbage cans out for pick up the night before your pick up day each week. Residents were also asked to please remember to roll their carts back to their proper storage location after pick up. The City has appointed a Tallapoosa Police Officer to act as City Marshall to address this and other similar types of violations.
  • Mayor Pro Tem Roberts reminded everyone to call City Hall to be put on the Brush and Limb Pick Up list. If your location is not on the list, the contractor will not know to come down your street. Residents were reminded to cut limbs in no longer than 4 feet lengths and to separate the limbs from the brush when possible. Pick up day is Thursday.
  • Mayor Pro Tem Roberts welcomed several members of the Haralson County Veterans Association (HCVA) to the meeting and thanked them for their service to their country. Mr. Sammy Robinson and Mr. L. E. Elefante addressed the Mayor Pro Tem and Council on behalf of the HCVA. Mr. Elefante led off by narrating a power point presentation which included a nod toward Flag Day, a brief personal history of his families’ rise from poverty and his proud military service within the United States Military. Mr. Elefante moved on to the main point of the presentation which was the current request by Mr. Sammy Robinson representing the HCVA to have the city donate 2 acres of land within Helton-Howland Park on which to erect a Military Museum. Mr. Elefante also discussed an earlier and separate petition made by Mr. Sammy Robinson representing the HCVA in which he requested the city allow him to build a Military Museum on city owned property at Helton-Howland Park. Mr. Elefante referenced the original documents providing for the transfer of the property on which Helton-Howland Park is located by the Helton-Howland American Legion Post #58 including any limitations and restrictions of its future use. Mr. Robinson then addressed the Council where he basically discussed the same points as given by Mr. Elefante. Mr. Robinson then asked for a separate meeting with the Mayor Pro Tem and Council to discuss the issue further.
  • The Council passed a Motion to appoint Michael (Mike) Jeffers to the West Georgia Museum Board.
  • The Council passed a Motion to reinstate Library Board Members Pam Cain and Gail Carnes for another term.
  • The Council passed a Motion to approve the Mayor Pro Tem, Council, and staff to attend the training session and convention sponsored by the Georgia Municipal Association in August 2021.
  • The Council passed a Motion to approve the Financial Report for May 2021 as given by Financial Manager Melissa Chandler.
  • The Council passed a Motion to approve a request to make a four-way stop at the West Mill Street and Spring Street crossing.
  • The Council passed a Motion to buy an additional 10 golf carts rather than lease them. The carts can be bought for considerably less than a lease since, in this case, carts are not available for trade-in.
  • The Council agreed to invite the firm of Rushton and Associates to come to the July Council Meeting to give their Audit findings.
  • As part of the City Manager’s Report, Philip Eidson stated that the city will be working with Comcast to apply for Grants to continue with Phase II of their upgrade to their system in this area.
  • The Council passed a Motion to increase the base fine charged by the Tallapoosa Police Department from $114.00 to $135.00. Chief Scott Worthy made the request in anticipation of a change to the method used by the County to charge for the housing of City inmates.
  • The Tallapoosa Police Department is looking at installing an E-Ticket system. This would replace the hand-written ticket system now used. This system would also allow the Officers to file their reports from their police vehicles.
  • Meeting adjourned.

City Manager Philip Eidson asked all residents to please help the city crew keep the town looking fresh and manicured by mowing grass and maintaining your property to the street level. Thank you!



The Lobby at City Hall is now open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. The Lobby remains closed on Tuesday and Thursday. Your City Hall staff will continue to report Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. as usual. Payments can still be made by using the “drop box” in front of city hall or online at or by calling the dedicated phone number of 1-855-608-2479.

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